A Case for Website Optimization and Web Marketing:

Affordable Web Marketing

A Case for Web Marketing

Do you think gaining additional clients or customers will help grow your business?

The answer to this question is overwhelmingly obvious, but unfortunately, most small business owners struggle with how to bring those new clients to the table. Advertising and Marketing, along with retaining quality personnel, are usually the biggest struggles of running a small business.

What would improved search engine rankings mean for your business?

According to Google’s most recent statistics, there are over 2.6 BILLION searches performed for LOCAL businesses. Other Google statistics shows that consumers shop online, but buy offline. The higher your rankings on Google, Bing and the other search engines, the more likely consumers will be patronizing your business. It’s that simple.

Sure you have a website, but are people visiting it?

If you answered no to this questions, don’t feel alone. Very few small businesses are taking full advantage of the web. As a matter of fact, most web designers do not know how to market online.  This doesn’t make them bad people. It just makes them smart business people who stay within their realm of expertise.

In order for your website to achieve its maximum productivity, it requires research, proper copy writing, and rich content that both clients and search engines love. In order to maximize your entire online presence, your business and website information need to be strategically scattered throughout the World Wide Web in a content rich format.

So, what should you do?

Obviously, we think you should partner with Groove Web Marketing to handle your online marketing, but it’s important to know why.

  • Groove Web Marketing is local to the Emerald Coast. We are a small business that supports local business. In other words, we have a genuine interest in your success.
  • We are experts in all facets of online marketing.
  • Our services translate to Mobile Devices.
  • WE ARE NICHE/INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE. Once you choose us as your web marketing partner, we will not solicit your competition as long as you are our client. We only serve one Industry niche per zip code.
  • Although it’s best to take a holistic approach to your web marketing, it’s not an “all or nothing” philosophy within our service offerings. We’ll help you choose the best options for your budget.
  • We are not a phone book posing as a web marketing company.
  • We do business exclusively with our clients. We scratch your back…back.
  • We are great at what we do, but our fees don’t reflect it. Small businesses must watch their costs and we understand that.


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