To blog or not to Blog? Blogging serves many purposes in the world of Online Marketing. Below you’ll find a few tips that will help boost your web presence while keeping your customers engaged.

1. Serve your customers- Provide information geared towards your customers needs. This will help keep them engaged which translates into higher click to purchase ratios.  In addition, search engines spider websites and blogs for relevant and fresh content. Fresh content keeps your site interesting and in turn, boost’s your rankings. If your content has nothing to do with your business, search engines will punish you by lowering your rankings.

2. Identify blogging frequency– Increasing your blog audience is a great goal but will it increase your bottom line? If your blog is an income generator thru product sales, then providing fresh content very frequently is most likely needed to increase sales. If you are marketing yourself as an expert in your field, then you might not need to post content as often. Either way, you should be updating your website and blogs on a regular basis. How often depends on your ultimate objective.

3. Keep the length of your posts reasonable- Some bloggers write 1000+ word posts. Most consumers looking at your products or services will stay engaged to your post or article longer when they are shorter. Statistics show posts between 200-400 words are better tolerated by readers. In other words, Less is More.

4. Check your web stats- After blogging check your web stats to see if they have increased. Your blog content and quality level may increase along with increased traffic.  New visitors beget new visitors…new visitors beget new customers.