Why Market Online?

SEM and SEO for your business!Comparing traditional forms of Marketing to Web-Based Advertising is like comparing apples to donuts :

  • The biggest difference between offline campaigns and web marketing is that online people are already searching for your products and services. The key is to get in front of them. Offline adverts like billboards, radio, newspapers, and mailers are all geared more towards branding. Don’t get us wrong, you can brand online too, but small businesses like yours should definitely be using online advertising as a direct sales tool. In other words, it’s an investment in which you can expect a measured return on your dollars .
  • Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising can be measured precisely. Usually, you know what your return on your investment is going to be within 3 months and statistics show for every $1 you spend on web advertising, you get $8 in return.
  • How much does this cost, you ask? Generally, you can get an entire year of web advertising for the cost of one month of radio advertising.